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Thread: Disk Labels for Wii key

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    Disk Labels for Wii key

    This seems like a weird question, but has anyone had problems with putting labels on the disks?

    I have several that worked fine in testing and then I make a disk label to look like the real disk so the kids can find it easier and all of a sudden the Wii can't recognize the disk. This just a coincidence? I don't want to keep messing up disks with labels if it is a known problem.

    I have the Wii Key install with the 1.9g firmware.

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    I used NEATO photo matte labels and have had no problems. Based on my research, they are the best and they provide guarantee that their labels will not adversely affect playback.

    Plus, they have a deal at the starter kit and get a pack of labels no charge...GREAT DEAL!!


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