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    Ca Question Regarding Updating...

    Hello Everyone,

    Great site you guys have here! I have been reading all this stuff and this is probably the most thorough site for modding the Wii, and even anything. (I have a soft-modded 360 as well and none of the sites seem to go this in-depth about what is actually going on post-mod).

    Anyway, and excuse my ignorance, but I had a couple of questions... I am running a Wii with a 4.1 firmware, which I've gathered is pretty alright to have given the recent updates in soft-mods, however, I was wondering about this whole updating thing being a problem.

    Firstly, does this mean like when I put a game in and it says it needs to be upgraded? Also, will my burnt games ask for this update (is it a part of the game itself, or does it ask because of internet access?) also is there a way to block games from asking to update? I simply want to soft-mod my Wii and play it in peace, I am worried someone will see a game asking to update, update said game and then mess up my Wii.

    Anyway, any answers would be great. Thanks!

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    To start off, if nintendo ever asks you to update to 4.2, DONT. It will brick your wii if its softmodded and it "could" brick it even if you never modded it at all. To answer your questions, its not bad to update (other than what I said above) but it could cause some HBC applications or even HBC itself to stop working, thus youll have to reinstall them. If you pop in a game thats out of region for instance if your console is ntsc and the game that you have in is pal, which asks you to update, it will brick the console. Basically in the end, dont do any updating through nintendo. Go here to get the proper files and steps to upgrade. Theres tons of people here and guides to help you out. Dealing with disabling updates, that you cant do. You can though bypass disc updates by installing preloader and having that set up to bypass it. Since i have firmware 3.2, I have starfall installed instead of preloader but they both do basically the same thing. There are some other features preloader has like brick protection which is a MUST when modding the wii. it wont actually prevent a brick from happening, but if a brick was to occur, with preloader installed, you can access the menus needed to unbrick it. Theres other brick protection applications you can get as well, just simply look around. Hope this helped. Need anything else, post back or PM me.

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    Yes, thank you, that was very helpful, I was just also wondering if there is a program that blocks these updates from prompting, and if not (sorry again for my ignorance, I rarely play my wii lately) will it actually tell me what it is updating (will it specify it is 4.2, so that I know to say no?)

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    Well I cant say how exactly preloader works (I am assuming same as starfall). So heres how my starfall works. Lets say I have a real copy of a rockband title which they all require an update. If I was to run that through the normal disc channel, where the disc update would take place, I instead get a black screen. Starfall wont let it update but it also wont let me bypass it. Instead I have to run that game through a backup launcher which is when starfall actually does bypass the update all together and just loads the game up normally. Same thing goes for backup copies that require updates. Ofcource you cant run backup copies through the normal disc channel unless you have cioscorp installed. Also yes there are programs to remove the updates BUT those programs dont work on a select few games. You can use wiibrickblocker or wiizle diizle shiizle. Another thing you can do with modded wiis is run out of region games as long as they dont try and update the system.

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    Ok, well thank you very much for your patience with me and your explanations. They really helped a lot!

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    Need anything else, let me know. Also please thank me by pressing the thanks button


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