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Thread: method of un bricking wii sort of -- advice

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    method of un bricking wii sort of -- advice

    Hey, recently bricked my mates wii.. wasn't loading at all. I got bootmii to load up tried restoring no look error (any ideas). Then ran homebrew channel and ran menu patcher brout me back to the wii menu and games were fine.. Downside when turning off it goes back to its old ways. Wondering if there is an app simular but will restore the menu properly thankyou..

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    Theres more to getting bootmii to work then just simply installing it. You also have to backup your nand onto an sd card. Now I never actually had to use bootmii yet to unbrick my console but what I did was got an sandisk 1gb sd card and used that only for bootmii because as long as that sd card is in the console, youll always boot to bootmii. Anyways inside bootmii application there is an option to backup your nand. I am not positive but I think that option is the "gears" icon. Anyways youll then have 2 options. 1 is the green arrow the other is the red arrow. One of those will copy your nand to the sd card. If that sd card is compatable, it will copy completly. Now in the event of a brick, simply pop the sd card into the front slot and power wii on. It will give you a menu, simply start bootmii. Go to the gears and this time select the option to copy nand files from sd card to the wii. Remember that I have not actually had to do that step yet so there might be more to it, but maybe someone else on here could give more info.

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    Thanks but....

    hey i did all that, i backed it up before. But wont restore so need a differnt method,, i can get into the homebrew channel and that
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