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Thread: burning on mac os x 10.4.11

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    burning on mac os x 10.4.11

    just downloaded some torrents off of vuze-is that a good source? if not, is there a better one that's mac-compatible?

    well i downloaded mario kart (torrent name:[Wii]Mario_Kart[PAL][ISO-Full][]) and successfully burned it on a verbatim dvd+r with the speed of 2.4x (theres 2.4x and 4x only). i know dvd-r's are better, i'm just experimenting to see if it works, going to get some later today.

    so it burned successfully-or thats what it said when it finished-and i placed it in the wii and used neogamma r7, launched game.. it reads but the screen just scrolls up down and its in black and white.. i can navigate but its obviously difficult.. and when i exit i guess it freezes, i can and restarts or something, i can eject the disc but i would ultimately have to hold the power down to shutdown..

    im guessing this problem may be cuz of the disc being +r but if it ends up not, are there certain torrents my mac can/cant support or burn? can macs even burn downloaded games/torrents?

    im on 4.2u if that affects anything.

    thanks guys, this is awesome btw..

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    No, it's not the disc. Your game is a PAL game-an out-of-region game. Change the NeoGamma setting to Force NTSC.

    For better compatibility, especially for popular games try to download the version that's within your own region so you don't have to play around with the loader settings. Your region is NTSC.
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