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Thread: Hack the dsi with an sd card

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    Hack the dsi with an sd card

    I would like to know if there is a way to hack the dsi with an sd card, kinda like how you hack the wii. Because I don't want to get a flash cart or whatever there called.

    Be nice if there is but if there isn't..... oh well

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    Go buy a flashcart, there not expensive.

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    Yeah what Davepm said is true. There is no such thing as a SD Card hack for the DSI. For the price of a 2GB SD card you can buy yourself the AceKard2i which does wonders for the DSI. Hell you might even be able to buy you a 1GB minisd card to go with the AceKard.
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    I got mine for like 10 bucks off a site. They dont sell em no more though

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    check out acekard 2i works like a dream...


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