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Thread: 24c3 Wii hack - No need for a mod chip?

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    24c3 Wii hack - No need for a mod chip?

    [ame=""]YouTube - The state of the Wii - 24c3[/ame]

    There are a mix of responses on the Youtube page. Some say this means most anything can be done now, ala Dreamcast, others say it really doesn't mean crapand you will still need a modchip. Anyone with some expertise in this area wish to comment?

    Will we be able to trick the Wii into playing imports and backups? Will we be able to run emulators?

    Sorry to post many times here, but this video was just posted 2 days ago and is now getting attention.
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    If you actually watch the video through, at the end he says something about NEEDING A MOD CHIP. This just means that there can be homebrew developments for the Wii now. Nothing more.

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    They modified a Lego Star Wars Disk. So yes they needed a modchip to boot the modified disk.

    With the modification they hacked the keypair for Lego Star Wars.
    Different people state that there are different keypairs for every game, I am not sure about that.

    So with this keypair it might be possible to make some custom code that does not need lego star wars and that does not need a mod chip.

    bigN can easily fix the security hole found with a new firmware and i guess they also can stop this keypair from working, but i guess they ll need to send us a replacement disk for lego starwars.

    It's still an early develeopment, its a first step, but nothing to be really excited about.


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