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Thread: Confused about IOS60patched & preloader

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    Ca Confused about IOS60patched & preloader

    As the title states I've pretty confused about the installation of IOS60patched (in order to play VC/WiiWare games directly from my SD card).

    I have the following set-up...

    Wii Ver. 4.OU
    Using USB Loader GX Rev 747 IOS249
    Also Using NeoGamma R7
    Softmodded my Wii using the following guide...

    How to Store/Load Wii Games via USB Hard Drive on System Menu 4.0 [Slick Tricks Part 2]

    I have also downloaded and applied the following IOS' 35,38,53 & 55

    What I don't understand is whether I have to first install IOS60 through wadmanager, then install IOS60patched, to patch it. Or do I simply install ISO60 patched, followed by preloader?

    Alternatively, how can I tell if I already have installed IOS60?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I read several tutorials and forum posts on the topic and a number of people seem to have a significant deal of trouble after loading one or both of the aforementioned wads/programs.

    Oh and lastly, if I do indeed need to load preloader - which version? preloaderv0.29-cred or preloaderv0.29-jodi?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Reinstalling this wont do any harm unless you have already preloader.
    Install ios60patched.wad with wadmanager, then prloader. only install the jodi if you have HBC 1.0.5 or higher

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    Thank you for the quick reply messie, exactly what I was looking for.

    I do have 2 additional questions however. First, I checked the version of HBC under 'about' and saw the following...

    ver 1.0.3
    IOS61 v19.26

    Is it still safe to install IOS60patched?

    Secondly, If I do I need to install preloader (If so I would use preloaderv0.29-cred as I'm currently on HBC ver 1.0.3). How do you? Do I just place the preloaderv0.29-cred.dol & hacks.ini files in the SD Root?

    Thanks again

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    does not conflict with HBC, you can install it. also, make sure you dont touch it after you install preloader. create a preloader folder in apps folder in sd root, place th dol there but rename it to boot.dol. also, place hacks. ini in sd root.. you are on 4 right? this should work

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    Yup, I'm on 4.

    Perfect, I'll install IOS60patched, then preloader through HBC.


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    Messie - just wanted to let you know, I did exactly as you said and everything worked perfectly - thanks!

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    nice, enjoy your ride with Wii modded!! enable the hacks you want in prelaoder and remember never to upgrade!!!


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