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Thread: Error net init ret 116

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    Error net init ret 116

    Hi. Need help here. I have searched and searched. I keep getting error ret 116 whenever I try to network install anything, Dop IOS, Waninkoko 4.2 ect. My internet connection works, I have tested it, and have ever cleared it too. I have downloaded things onto the wii from the shop channel, but when using anything from the homebrew channel it won't work. Any thoughts?

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    You could try updating the HBC to 1.0.6, and then if you have the Homebrew browser, update that to 0.3.6. Check if you have WiFi and internet setup in Wii settings.
    Its a start.

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    My wii can go online, and so can HBC, but when I use homebrew and try to network install is keeps saying init 116. Only with network intall on apps. everything else network works fine.


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