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Thread: Block the installation of the Internet channel

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    Block the installation of the Internet channel

    Hello everyone, I set before you a new problem. Lately I tried to install (after the upgrade to version 4.2E), the Internet Channel. To mod my Wii, I used the guide in the forum "full-hacking-guide-4-2-system-menus," all risk and to perfection. Then, through the NUS downloader download and decrypt the Internet Channel wad European version. After downloading it I put in my SD and launch the homebrew channel. Then launch the Wad Manager, use the IOS as a 249 (REV 14) and launch the installation. Install the first 4-5 contenet but arrived at the "Installing Content # 43" hangs in the sense that I have waited even 40 minutes but nothing ever stuck. Can you help me solve this new problem?
    Thank you all for answers and for your kindness.

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    new internet channel is downloadable through shop channel

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    Finally! Thank you very much indeed, and think that I was crazy to install via Wad Manager. Really thanks.

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    Hi guys,

    I' m new on this rounds concerning all aspects of HBC but I last month i decided to installing HBC apps and wads stuff and so far everything are working great and with no great threat to me and my wii

    Last night, I decided to install the new version of wii shop channel 4.2 with Wiiscu - install IOS61 and the Shop channel with -truga and everything went well.

    After that I enter wii shop (easily) and could updated the internet channel, again everything seems to be fine, however when I try to get in for the second time on internet channel my wii remote disconnected and i couldn't use it for some minutes, so I decided to disconnect my wii from the power.

    I waited and tried to reconnect like trhe times but i couldn't. I decided to wait a minute wii my wii off and take a long big breath and finally I could reconnect my remote and go to my wii system.

    Because I'm crazy I decided again to try to enter inside the internet shannel and yes I could navigate but it seems that everthing was the same has my oldest internet version, it was like it dind't update (I went again to shop channel but everthing indicates like is the last version).

    So my question is should i let go or uninstall the internet and re-install it via shop channel or uninstall the internet and re-install via wad?

    I would like to use better my facebook and get full access to youtube, play java games, this is the reason I want the last version...

    Hope that you could help me

    P.S.- If I uninstall it should I do it using my wii system menu and erase it or should I use it anytitledeleter?

    Best regards
    My wii System 4.1E, chipmod, BootMii (with Nand backup), HBC, mytheme,MediaCE, FTPWII, other apps.
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