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Thread: Accidentally updated from 3.2U to 4.2U.

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    Exclamation Accidentally updated from 3.2U to 4.2U.

    Already had it how I wanted it with HBC, cIOS, Backups launching from Disc Channel and USB HDD fully working. Just wanted to do a network install of a Wad, so i connected to the internet and the Wii updated itself. Now, I'm on 4.2U and HBC is gone, but all my hacked channels are still there, but unusable. How can I get HBC back? Or am I screwed?

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    If you had used the search button you would of found the guides section which can be accessed from the first line of my signature.

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    Actually, I read through those stickies. I cant find an answer to my problem. Tried the new Hackmii and Bannerbomb 2, I just get an error screen and it forces me to exit. Says it didnt find a vulnerable IOS and to search for an updated version of hackmii. I dont own the Indiana Jones or smash stack game, but if i have to Ill rent it, if there is no other work around. There is no way to just revirginize it without HBC and start over?

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    No vulnerable IOS is a CIOSCorp FAIL, you have to remove CIOSCorps IOS'.

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    Ok, Im gonna try to use Dop-IOS v8, but I cant figure out how to install it on the SD card


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