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Thread: After "mods" on 4.2 can I restore it to "virgin" state?

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    After "mods" on 4.2 can I restore it to "virgin" state?

    After I've done a few modifications to my system(changing around ioses and hbc bootmii dvdx etc) can I change my 4.2U system back to factory state?

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    yes you can but why would you do this?

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    I'm pretty sure I screwed some IOS up because every time I try to run a wad manager I get an error(1017, 2011 I think it is, the usual ones) and i was following like three different guides to get where I am, so everything must be jumbled, I can't get DOP IOS to run, most of the time I run a homebrew app, my controllers stop working. Anything that involves IOS 249 messes up.

    So's pretty screwed up and that would be the easiest way to fix it, and start over and be careful

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    lol for noobs which think this is going to be easier...

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    I mean it will be easier to just restart it.

    Can you please help me learn how

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    reinstall ios249... run cios38rev14 installer and use 249, if that does not work try 250, if that either, report back to see what we can do

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    Was reading your Reply Messie..

    I have messed mine up too...Was gonna try to Restore to Original State..
    Then decided to Run Reinstall..Can only get as far as
    1..Install HomeBrew Channel
    2..Install DvdX
    3..Install Bootmii

    Then Go to Wii menu to run Bootmii with GC controller,.But my HBC is Empty..and shuts down to Black screen....

    Is there a way to go back to original Wii settings

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    see my guide in the guide section


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