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Thread: star fox 64 ver1.0

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    star fox 64 ver1.0

    any way or where to get it? nintendo just HAD to slow it down, didnt they...
    please reply nicely

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    Try NDS roms, PSX isos, Wii, PS2, and more @ NitroRoms

    They seem to pack just about every version of the rom your looking for into the zip/rar/7z file.

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    ty for showing me this, but i needed the .wad for vc i thank you anyhow

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    Sorry you should of stated, I thought since it was in the emulators section you wanted a rom.

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    's all right, i thanked you anyhow. but does ANYONE know where to find this wad or have an unpatched 1.0 on their nintendo wii? i really really want it, playing starfox 64 with the same slowdown as the n64 is sad, it makes me look at the wii, with its far superior hardware, and sigh

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    Do you happen to know when they released the new version? I have a one from april 6 (you can also search on to find my source...) If it's the correct one, I'll up it

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    got it. go to forum and go to vc downloads and then vc request. my topic is on the front page, dl link inside it is sooo much better than the patched version

    EDIT: yours isnt patched IF its april 07
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