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Thread: help plz!! truoble with pal games

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    help plz!! truoble with pal games

    i am sorry if im posting in the wrong place. (My wii wont play pal games games backups*fixed) or the real thing Im using 3 diffrent kinds of gamma v3,4,6,7,ios38,ios53,ios55,ios36,ios60. ive tried all diffirent settings nothing can someone plz help my wii was hacked on 3.4u frimware i updated to Waninkoko's 4.1

    i updated homebrew and now myneogamma channels aint working . i can press start and it will take me right back to the wii menu plz help i can use .dol from hbc and it luanch but not the channel
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    bump... help i really need it


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