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Thread: NAND backup

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    NAND backup

    I'm not sure what exactly the NAND is, but I do know that it can help you unbrick.

    my question is, can you backup your NAND at any point (obviously pre-bricking)
    I know in the tutorials it says to backup before preforming the softmod. I didn't have the game cube controller till now, softmoded yesterday, everything went fine, can I back it up now?

    thanks for you help.

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    The NAND is the storage your Wii uses to store the operating system, files, game saves etc.

    Just go into bootmii and backup your NAND. You can do it daily if you wish. Bootmii/boot2 is preferred and a NAND will be of greater use to you.
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    you can but it wont help you if you bick, only bootmii/boot2 can. your best cahnce is with prelodaer


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