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Thread: Safe 4.2 Updater Released!!

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    Arrow Safe 4.2 Updater Released!!

    A user over at GBATemp Zektor has released a supposedly safe 4.2 firmware updater.

    Source: RELEASE: v4.2 Safe Firmware Updater -


    This is based off of my offline guide to upgrade any console to v4.2 safely. This is a modification of the Shop Channel and IOS61 Installer by tona. It has been rigorously tested and should not brick anyone, but as usual, use it at your own risk. Source included of course.

    It will detect your region, download and install all of the NECESSARY IOSes, your specific system menu, and the shopping channel update from v4.2 It will NOT touch your cIOSes, stub anything, or touch your boot2. It also will NOT trucha sign any of the IOSes it downloads and installs. If you want to pirate, you'll have to go ahead and use DOP-IOS or similar to trucha patch your IOS70 after the upgrade is complete

    It is almost completely automated. Answer a question in the beginning, sit back and relax, and wait for the update to be completed. When finished, you'll be on v4.2 with everything functional (no upside down HBC, no "vulnerable IOS not found" errors). This should hopefully eliminate all of the goofy issues people have been having with the upgrade.

    Thanks to Dr.Clipper for MUCH help Enjoy

    Download here: Download - V4.2 Safe Firmware Updater.rar -, the one and only online file hosting distribution service.


    I myself don't advise anyone to update but if for whatever reason you feel you need the update this may be the safest way.

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    Can you explain what you mean by "If you want to pirate, you'll have to go ahead and use DOP-IOS or similar to trucha patch your IOS70 after the upgrade is complete"

    If I do upgrade to this (to prevent my kids installing the real one) - can I still play the backups from Harddrive ?

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    You do realize I'm not the person who wrote that and can't help you with the thing about pirating and since I've no intention of using it I'm not sure if you will still be able to play backups from your HDD.

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    Yes I realise that you did not write it - but I was hoping that you might have tried it before posting it on here !

    Still if it goes tits up I can always re-flash my nand.

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    Apparently GBATemp members have been using it, I just posted it for anyone who was interested.

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    Ok I can report that it works.

    I was upgrading from Wanikok's 4.1 updater, I had to run it twice for some reason as it did not work the first time. Now I an on 4.2E and can report that the system runs as normal, plus its fixed all the wii shop so I can now spend my wii points that I already had

    for me its been a compete sucsess !

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    So your USB loader is working fine?

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    Not only is the USB working fine - but because I can now use the wii shop I have been able to upgrade the internet channel. I can now play flash video which I could not do before. So many web pages that never worked now do.

    I am very glad I upgraded to this.

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    Thumbs up Worked like a charm!

    Went from 4.1 to probs! It's amazing what following instructions can do...


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    So thats 2 people so far.

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