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Thread: stupid newbs confusion but.....

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    stupid newbs confusion but.....

    I currently have alot of my games on a 500gb NTFS HD in my pc, if i get a new external HD and download the WBFS format tool, can i still plug it into my pc and put my ISO's onto the drive in WBFS format on Vista?

    Also alot of the games are the 4gb size will they remail this size ?
    and if i stop using the softmod and goto a drive key will i need to patch my games?

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    Games will shrink to the size of useful data, for example some games are just 100MB yet have 4.2GB of rubbish data, other games use 4GB and have only a small amount of rubbish data. Your 100 isos would shrink to about 200GB on an external WBFS drive, extracting games later from the WBFS drive will not give you a 1:1 copy of what you put in. If you wish to keep your isos secure then keep your 500GB active.

    As long as you don't touch your 500GB PC hard drive you'll be able burn them to disk and use your drivekey to load.
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    You'll need to get a WBFS installer tool to like WBFS Manager. Vista is known to have issues with WBFS installers though.

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    almost worth just burning ISO's to dvd then and continue using the softmod hey. Ive updated the softmod to 4.2 i think so all is well so far.


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