hopefully i wont get flamed for this but its only an idea at the moment.

while im waiting for my argon to arrive i decided to take apart my wii to get an idea how much of a pig it is going to be to install. looking at the ic legs there isnt any chance i can do that with my clumsy hands so the alt install is the only way to go for me.

now with the awg 30 kynar wire i have its possible to wiggle the end into the vias while keeping a tight fit and checking with my multimeter i have a good connection to the corresponding ic leg so in theory i should be able to solder the wires to the chip and only need to solder the power and ground on the board. once checked over at the end a dab of epoxy or hot glue should keep the wires firmly in place.

can anyone else comment on this eg. pros and cons

hopefully the pros will outnumber the cons!