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Thread: D2CKey advice

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    D2CKey advice

    Hi having prob with my wii it asnt been used for well over a year,what do i need to do to get it all up to date to play latest back-ups ect,i have never had any homebrew running on it at all,and it still plays all my old backups perfectly,the new one's just ask for update should i update or not thanks.

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    ran thru the softmod guide got everything installed but still wont play new releases anyone with any ideas

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    Hello, I'm in the same position as you. My wii hasn't been played in quite some time and I"m sure some of the new games are going to ask me to update the firmware.

    I have a D2CKey with I believe 3.1firmware. I never installed the homebrew channel.

    What should I update too? How did your updates go? Any advice?


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    I have the same question -- have d2c with 3.2 firmware. Should I update? Will I still be able to play old backups after the fw update?

    Appreciate any advice you may have from past experience-


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    d2ckey help

    i have a d2ckey, ive updated to 4.1, but i had homebrew channel at 3.2, a good idea would be to have homebrew channel first then try. but if ur just playing burned games on a disk of the same region , u shouldnt have a problemupdating all the way to 4.2.
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