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Thread: Followed a tutorial exactly. Cannot install cIOS36_rev10

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    Followed a tutorial exactly. Cannot install cIOS36_rev10

    i followed this guide to a T and i have the homebrew channel working and i can watch DVDs etc... but when i go to run the cIOS install i get an error:

    its mounts the SD Card
    IOS36-64-v1042.wad error (ret = -1)

    i am assuming its looking for that wad file and can't find it? trying to get my machine to play backup games off my flash drive

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    Don't waste your time using a youtube video theres plenty of guides on this site which are far more helpful.

    Click the first line of my sig to go straight there.

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    yeah i feel like an idiot...first guide i read on here solved all my problems and had all the files in a nice package. just waiting for backup to finish compressing. can't wait to test it out. instead of using NeoGamma i may use the wii cover flow program instead but everything else in the guide was VERY helpful


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