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Thread: Winonko 4.1 Firmware Updater still functional?

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    Winonko 4.1 Firmware Updater still functional?

    In regards to the winonko 4.1 firmware updater thats used with Dogeggs 'softmod ANY wii' tutorial, is it still functional now that 4.2 was released? The reason im asking is because I read somewhere than nintendos only hosting 4.2 now, and since the updater connects to the internet, i figured its using nintendos servers. If its not still working, what is the correct workaround for the walkthrough? Just use the winonko 4.2 updater in its place?

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    Don't update to 4.2 even if it's Waninkoko's updater, the update brings nothing new.

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    the 4.1 updater in that guide is fully funcional. just used it a day or two ago to softmod and update my wii form 3.4 to 4.1.


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