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Thread: BEST Wii media center solution, does NOT need ORB, Tversity etc

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    BEST Wii media center solution, does NOT need ORB, Tversity etc

    Install the homebrew channel and setup mplayer ce to be a media center.

    Note this is the best possible solution for a wii media center as it streams the video as is and does not convert the files to flash.

    I use this to stream all common audio/video file formats from a system running windows 7 to my wii with no quality loss over wifi.

    You do not need to watch using the wii web browser like all the other current wii media center solutions.

    1. Install The Homebrew Channel and mplayer ce 0.75
    2. Once the Homebrew channel has been installed start it from the wii menu.
    3. Share your video/audio directory on your windoze machine. If using Windows 7 you must disable 128-Bit encryption and turn OFF password protection and add "Guest read/write" permissions.
    4. Edit the smb.conf in SD/APPS/mplayer ce to point to your shared directory eg.

    #Samba share1 (smb1:/)

    *Note if your shared directory has spaces eg "My Media" you need to have the share in smb.conf in quotes eg.

    #Samba share1 (smb1:/)
    share1="My Media"

    The zeros (0) denote no username or password.

    Make sure the following options are included in smb.conf

    keepalive=0 <----- Keeps connection alive.
    cache=16384 <----- Increased buffer

    If you are having issues connecting to your shared directory uncomment "debug_network=yes" in mplayer.conf which will

    debug your network at start up.

    5. Start mplayer ce
    6. Go to "Open --> File --> SMB --> SMB Share
    7. Choose your file to stream.

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    hi im haing a problem to get this working .i have my username and password do i have to put them in or can i put 0. wots cache =16384 mean and how do i debug network any help plz be magic

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