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Thread: I can No longer Access Memory Card Slot A

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    I can No longer Access Memory Card Slot A

    After I Installed Mios Patcher And Gamecube Loader I can Not Access slot A. Any Memory card I put into slot a Says it can not be used. I try using Slot B it works.. i have Tryed Restore My Wii MIOS but I Still Can Not Access my Slot A. I have tryed googleing this Problem But i can Not find anything. anywhere

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    I actually have heard about that such problem but am not sure about the solution. basically what the person was told was that if he could deal with it, just leave it alone. At least your other slot works. It could be worse, but if it bothers you that much, fix it. By the way.... how do you have it set up? You have it as a channel, run it through a wii backup launcher where you have to patch each game before you play it, or what?

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    I dont Know..I really wish I can Fix my Slot A A Lot of gamecube games only use slot a and i was wondering if any one can help me fix it. I use the gamecube luncher on the homebrew channel

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    I hate going into HBC just to use an application. If you want to, you can turn that GC backup launcher into a channel, so that you dont have to go into the HBC to launch it. If youd like to know step by step on doing that, PM me.

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    Sorry to say i really dont care about the gamecube luncher.. I really wish i just had my slot A Working again If any one can help me with that I would be greatful

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    Did you try to uninstall CMIOs and check if that fixes your problem?

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    Tried uninstalling and reinstalling cMIOs. Still having this having the same issue. Memory card works in Slot B not A. All these issues after attempting to install MD and MDL.

    EDIT: Sorry about bring back a dead thread.


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