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Thread: How to erase multiple weather and New Channels!

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    Us How to erase multiple weather and New Channels!

    A friend brought me his Modded wii to fix with a crap load of Weather and New Channels, and even one in Chinese! I looked everywhere to figure out how to erase them. I finally figured it out and thought I would share this! Use Homebrew Channel, Load Any title Deleter Mod application, open program, press 2 btn to download the text file to your sd card! This will translate the codes for you, so you can erase what you want. You can erase just about anything. News and weather etc are in System Channels! I erased all the news and weather channels, Rebooted the wii to the menue! Now all weather and news are gone! After a few minutes the correct News and Weather Channel reappeared transparent on the menue. Internet connection needed! When I clicked them they said to update the wii! Never Update!! Go again on Homebrew and load Wiiscu! Run Wiiscu and this will fix your news, weather, Shop Channel, and photo! Works very well and everything is back to normal!! Thanks Wiiscu and Any Tittle Deleter! For more info on Wiiscu go to wiibrew!

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