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Thread: This is not a valid wii application

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    This is not a valid wii application

    In the attempt to install bootmii, and usb gx loader I installed the latest cIOS available as of today, and upgraded HBC to 1.0.4, I know that 1.0.5 just came out in response to the 4.2 update, but I lack internet at home so getting on to download stuff isn't easy, especially now having lost my sd micro card with usb adapter. grrr.


    as of the update of cios and hbc

    my WAD manager has ceased to load. I'm not sure what version it is, not 1.5 thats for sure.

    and my snes emulator, which i know is over a year old in version, ceased to load as well.

    both are giving me the error this is not a valid wii application.

    what can I do to fix these?

    anyone encounter the same situation?

    also should point out that i have 3.3u
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