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    Question Newb Wii Owner

    hello fellow hackers,
    i'm new to this forum as well as getting around with the wii. i just bought a wii 2 weeks ago so it's under 4.2 virgin-i think that's right. But not knowing about this world of softmods and modchips, i updated it to 4.2u and i've read that it's in the process of getting hacked. since i'm new i just need some pointers on what i need to play like games from an external hd and perhaps burnt games if i can figure how to. pretty much just want to softmod i guess dont want to get a chip or anything. so my questions are:

    what size SD card, to be safe? 2GB? or 1GB?

    how big a external hard drive? (heard that western digital is the best for the wii, true?)

    thanks for reading!

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    To softmod your 4.2 Wii start with this guide: The best for softmodding purposes is a SanDisk 2GB SD, not SDHC, formatted as FAT32 on your PC. After you successfully softmod your Wii, you can then use SDHC or SD cards as you wish.

    The most easily installed HDD for the Wii has been the Western Digital external USB HDD. Most members range from the 250GB to the 1Tb HDDs.
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