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Thread: 4.2u problems with wikkey 2 soderless

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    4.2u problems with wikkey 2 soderless

    Hey Messi, (or anyone else reading this who knows)
    I am fairly new to the game and perhaps you can help me. I have a Wiikey2 installed soderless and last night my buddy hit the update button and updated the console to 4.2u. My backups will no longer play, and only original games will. What can I do to restore the wiikey's function to read back ups? Is there a way to revert back to 4.0 (which is what was running before the update)? I used the search bar in this forum to try to locate any possible solutions, but the only topics I seem to find are that of softmod fixes for the 4.2 versions. Thanks for your time. Any input is appreciated.

    - Javi

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    wow...does anyone else have this problem? I'd really appreciate a hint or link to read more on my problem. Anyone else having trouble after updating to 4.2U when having wiikey 2 ? I wish I knew a way to reverse it or go around this problem.

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    4.2 is a killer!

    You will probably have to wait for an update to your chips firmware, or softmod your wii to play backups.


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