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Thread: Trying to figure out an already modded Wii

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    Trying to figure out an already modded Wii

    My brother in law modded my Wii a little while back and I just picked up Wii Sports Resort. I obviously didn't update my Wii (like it asks you to do) so now I'm trying to find out which program to use to stop it from asking to update. From doing a little searching it seems like Start Patch but I wanted to ask first. I also want to know which method he used to mod it. Yeah I know asking him would be the easiest however he lives out of town and I can't get a hold of him.

    So here is some information I have about my Wii and hopefully someone can help me out.
    The serial on my Wii starts with LU56. When I go into "system settings" I'm running V. 4.0u, I have HBC which is version 1.0.1, IOS36 v4.18, and also Backup Launcher 0.3 gamma, IOS 249.

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    You can install preloader which is very useful. (search download)
    Run games from a USB HDD, (search loaders download)
    Looks like you have all the information you need.
    In the HBC you may have wad manager, if not, you know whats coming, (search download)
    You have a fairly upto date system, don't update to 4.2


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