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Thread: can 4.2e update wipe off my softmod i tryed to remove

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    Post can 4.2e update wipe off my softmod i tryed to remove

    hi all my sister has a softmodded uk wii with 2 channels called neogamma r7 and some zelda channel . there was a few probelms reading original and back up disc . so i when in the wii system settings and using the wii channel remover.

    i erased the 2 channels as above rebooted the wii and updated it to 4.2e as it says now in the menu . has the hack gone now so you never tell it was done
    all seams well now and plays games after i bent the 2 bars on the disc spindal that was causing the wii drive to make a loud noise which i thought was the mod's doing lol .... thats all i am worry about now that the hack job is gone as she dont want it on now

    thanks all i am new to wii's

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    Updating to 4.2 is an excellent way of removing all your softmods.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    thank you for your help ..glad i got the wii sorted out now
    and the mod as gone thank you


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