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Thread: The system files are corrupted

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    Us The system files are corrupted

    Background... I had a wii with 3.4u firmware and homebrew installed via the twilight hack. I could not get any backup loaders to work, nor did I have a wad installer... I was told to go here and I began to follow the tutorial. I completed step 1.

    a). Put all the files from ‘copy to sd card.rar’ onto the root of the SD Card. It should look like this when done.

    b). Insert the SD card into Wii.

    c). Go to Wii Options, then go to Data Management > Channels > SD Card, then you will get a message saying "Load boot.elf?" , select 'Yes' and the Hackmii installer will run.

    d). Install Bootmii as boot2 if you can, if not then install it as an IOS then go back and install the Homebrew Channel.

    I went on to step 2

    Making a NAND backup with Bootmii is highly recommended, it will recover your Wii from 99.9% of bricks.
    Use the same SD card you used to install Bootmii and make sure there is at least 530mb free on it.
    Bootmii is very fussy about what SD cards it uses, so avoid generic ones and try and use a Sandisk or similar.

    a) Put the SD card into the Wii, if you installed Bootmii as boot2 then it will load, if it is installed as an IOS go to the Homebrew Channel, press 'home' on your wiimote and select 'Launch Bootmii'.

    b) Use the power/reset/eject buttons to navigate the Bootmii menu and select the icon with the gears on it. If those buttons don't work then you will have to use a Gamecube controller.

    c) Now select the icon with a green arrow pointing from the chip to the SD card and follow the on screen instructions.

    D) In about 10 mins you will have a NAND backup, it is normal to have up to 80 bad blocks so don't worry if you get some.

    e) Put the SD card into PC and copy the NAND backup somewhere safe, you can now delete it from your card. If you installed Bootmii as boot2 then also copy the Bootmii folder to your PC and either delete or rename it, otherwise it will load every time you switch your Wii on.

    If ever you get bricked then copy the bootmii folder and NAND backup onto your card, do steps a) & b) again, using Preloader to get to HBC if necessary, then select the icon with the arrow going from the SD card to the chip. It is not recommended to restore your NAND if you have Bootmii installed as an IOS.

    I could not get "bootmii" to launch via the homebrew channel (boot 2 did not load-it had gone through ios) and since it said "optional" like an idiot I continued on anyway....

    On step 3 I went through everything...

    3. GET A CIOS

    You may want to check this video before you do this stage. The only difference is that you can select 'load IOS from SD card' instead of download from NUS.

    a) Go to Homebrew channel and run Trucha Bug Restorer, load IOS36, press 1, read the warnings then select 'downgrade IOS15', select to load IOS from SD card then let it do its job, keep an eye on what it is doing and make sure you select 'load from sd card' when it asks & don't get any errors.

    b) Run Trucha Bug Restorer again, this time select to load IOS15 on first screen using dpad left/right, then select the IOS36 menu & install patched (select 'yes' on all 3 patches) IOS36 to slot 36, again using IOS from SD card.

    c) Run Trucha Bug Restorer again, load IOS36 and this time select restore IOS15.

    d) Run cIOS38 r14 installer, select IOS36 as the one it should use and then select wad install.

    Somewhere in the midst of the ios changes it ended up flipping my HBC upside down... I didn't worry about it because I assumed it would resolve itself when I was done. When I ran Trucha Bug Restorer or any of the other software it would load normally, just the HBC was upside down.


    -I skipped this because I wasn't sure if I wanted the update.

    So I went on to....


    Preloader is also an optional install, if you don't want it just skip b & c, but you must do step d, system menu hacks can be taken care of by Starfall (3.2) or startpatch (4/4.1), if you want them click my sig and have a look through my mediafire. There are no system hacks for 3.3/3.4. There are now Preloader hacks for 4.1J Wiis.

    a) If you are on system menu 4/4.1 use Wad Manager with default settings (IOS249 & SD card) to install IOS60-patched.wad - make sure you do this before you install Preloader. If you installed it in step 4 then skip this part. Never uninstall IOS60! You will brick!!

    b). Open the Homebrew Channel and load Preloader, press 1 to install. After install, your Wii should reboot and load the Preloader menu. If it doesn't, turn your wii off and on again whilst holding down reset and it will load the Preloader menu.

    c) Select 'system hacks' in the Preloader menu, and enable the hacks that you want - 'skip disc update check' and the region free ones are all you need. Select 'save settings' and wait for confirmation message to display 'settings saved'. Press B to go back, and enter Settings. Set 'Autoboot: System Menu' using D-Pad, then select save settings. Press B to return to main Preloader menu.

    I did this, however when I selected "system hacks" it said no hacks installed.. I didn't worrry cuz I only wanted to play backups anyway..

    d) In the Preloader menu select Homebrew Channel (if you didn't install Preloader then just open HBC as normal), I tried to open the HBC but it gave me the following error "error booting HBC. maybe title not installed?"
    I got stuck here and restarted the wii...

    next screen I got was "the system files are corrupted, please refer to the wii operations manual for help trouble shooting" (or something to that effect).

    Never got to the following steps...

    run Wad Manager 1.4, use default settings (IOS249 & SD card) and install these wads from the 'wad' folder:

    So now when I start up my wii I get that error, I am able to get preloader to boot if I hold reset,

    It goes as follows

    System menu : Files systems are corrupted -and have then I have to restart again..

    Homebrew Channel: error booting HBC. maybe title not installed?"

    Installed File: error autobooting file. try reinstalling! could not open file!

    Load/Install File: Boot.Elf - press a to install 1 to load a file (I did not do this because I didn't want to make it worse)

    System Menu Hacks: Hacks for your system menu (v.385) version were found no

    Autoboot:system menu
    Return to: system menu
    Shutdown to: off
    stop disk: off
    show beta updates: off
    light slot on error: off
    ignore standby setting: off
    system menue ios: 50
    *save Settings*

    So that is where I am at... I have NO IDEA where to go from here...

    The bottom of preloader says:
    ios v50 - system menue v385 -preloader vD.29

    Please, please, please help me. I know I have done something stupid, I promise I have learned my lesson!!

    Thank you!!

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    You've installed Preloader on 3.4, that's fail I'm afraid.

    You need to install IOS50 v4889 and then System Menu v385 both of which you'll find in my Mediafire. That should fix it. Click my image for Mediafire.

    After this I would thne install patched IOS60 from 3.1-4.1 tutorial, then run firmware updater 4.1 and then install preloader again. Job done. One working Wii.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    shame on you for corruptting your system files

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    Thank you so much for the hope!
    Please pardon my ignorance here... but how would I load the files without access to HBC? Do I install them to the root of SD and install through preloader under "Load/Install file"?
    If that is how to do it, I'm assuming I do it in the order that you listed..
    (This is my 1st attempt at soft modding and this is what I did! I got the zelda hack to work and then I screwed this up.. ARG!)

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    There is an option to access HBC with prelaoder. do not uninstall anthing

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    Sorry I skimmed your post as it was rather long and didn't notice you'd messed up your HBC install.

    As you stated you should be able to use Preloader to launch your boot.dol file, or you could also use loadmii, a file launcher. Preloader will remain installed right up until you use the firmware updater so will work for all steps. You could also install a HBC.wad.

    If you do them out of the order I specified then you will surely make your Wii even more brick like, this is the main reason I wrote them in such a manner.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    So just to clarify.. (so I do not make this worse).

    Boot up wii,

    From preloader : Load/install file (It shows up boot.elf -should I use this, or find and add boot.dol?)
    Load/install files: install IOS50 v4889 (yes to all questions, or do I change anything through this?)
    Load/install files:System Menu v385 (yes to all questions, or do I change anything through this?)

    and I'm assuming I will have a menu and HBC after this to continue the other steps..

    One other question ... I have the wad manager on my SD card, however I never got to the step of installing it. Both of the files I downloaded from your mediafire were wads, will they be able to load?

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    You'd just use preloader to start wad manager's boot.dol and any other dol you need. Or use preloader to start loadmii, which in turn you can select the boot.dol files you want to launch. Think of loadmii as HBC in this respect.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    BIG SHOUTOUT To: dr34m3r , Tealc, Got my brand new wii , up and running again' Big Thanx......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zelda1234 View Post
    BIG SHOUTOUT To: dr34m3r , Tealc, Got my brand new wii , up and running again' Big Thanx......
    Good to hear you got it running. Enjoy your wii.

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