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Thread: Blank/black screen problem

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    Blank/black screen problem

    I currently have a wii with a drivekey installed and soft modded to 4.1.

    I can play a handful of backup games and .wad files installed via .wad manager.

    Though it seems that recently (since patch 4.2 came out) I cannot seem to play some of the more recent games such as super punch out, maramusa, and contra rebirth(wad).

    What happens is I can put the disc in the console and it reads int eh disc channel even plays the theme song. Then when I push start game it goes to ablack screen and just stays there.

    This same thing happens when I load Contra Rebirth I can install cleanly, and when I click on the channel the title and the theme music comes out. I then proceed to press start and it just turns to a black screen and stays there indefinitely.

    My old wads and other backups still work. Should I suspect that it is jsut a bad burn/download that is causing this?

    I am using the same disc and burning style from whenever I first modded my Wii.

    Thanks for any support and input.

    - FighterV

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    This means they may be missing IOSs. Have you tried installing IOS53 which is needed by Contra Rebirth. Also try installing IOS38, IOS50 and IOS55.

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    Ok I will do that. Just two questions not sure if it is answered on the board or not.

    1. How do you know what IOS's a certain game requires?
    2. Is it safe to just install all the IOS's I can to make sure every game is compatible?

    Thanks again


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    1. IOS38-53-55.rar
    2. Yes, providing they are non-cioscorp fail versions and they are just game IOS. Any IOS in my mediafire is safe (sig)
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