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Thread: Replace a BenQ with a LiteON Drive

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    Talking Replace a BenQ with a LiteON Drive

    Hi Community i just registered and hope i can find some help... well here it goes

    I have a BenQ Drive that is having a hard time reading disks. and a LiteOn drive that i think is perfect but... the xbox is fried up, is there any way i can get in the LiteOn the key of the BenQ and replace it?

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    Yes, you can. But first, did you try tweaking the laser on the Ben Q? It's not advisable to do this without a Multimeter, but if you're going to replace it anyways I'm sure it doesn't matter, anyways, to do this, open up your Ben Q dvd drive, and you'll see on the laser 2 potentiometers (they look like little screws) you want to turn the one on the left just a fraction of a turn to the left, test it until it reads a disc. I've managed to fix a few Ben Q drives via this method. If you can find a multimeter, or an ohmmeter, you want it to read between 3 to 3.6 ohms, and no less than 2.6 ohms.

    If this doesn't work, lite-on parts are interchangeable with Ben-Q, for the most part. Otherwise, what you'll need to do is spoof your lite-on with the benq console key using IX 1.6, just remember there's no going back with Lite-on drives, so if you dont get the key off that drive, that console will end up remaining driveless.

    If using Jungle Flasher, Load Lite-On IX 1.6> go to manual spoofing> Load your Ben-Q Key.bin> Make sure drive key matches what you dumped> Make sure Lite-On Barcode matches what was dumped> Click Spoof as Ben-Q VAD6038 (63430 or 64930, dependent on drive)> Save CFW> Write and outro. I've never gone from a different drive to a lite-on so good luck to you, your best bet would be just to get another Ben-Q, you wont have to flash it with IX if don't want to.


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