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Thread: Wii modchip FAQ?

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    Us Wii modchip FAQ?

    Hey guys,

    my 13 year-old is asking to mod the Wii i bought for the kids, but i am trying to find a FAQ that lists such things as:

    The benefits of mod-chipping a Wii (i mean, what does it allow you to do? Does it add any benefits besides playing copied discs? Any added benefits to the SD card or USB ports?)

    What is the overall favored chip out there, based on ease of installation and features it provides?

    i'm Googling like crazy, but not finding much.


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    You can use the sticky thread in this board for further information:

    It's actually no up to date, cause it does not mention the d2ckey!

    I suggest you to get a d2ckey or a cyclowiz depending on the version of your wii!

    These are drive chips, so they only alter the behaviour of your wiis dvd drive, they dont change anything else.

    In addition you can do a internal SD gecko hack, which is a good idea for dumping games. There are also a lot of hacks for the leds out there.


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