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Thread: From a virgin 3.1 to ... ???? Help ???

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    From a virgin 3.1 to ... ???? Help ???

    Hello there!
    Sadly I brick a wii console whit the IOS60 STUB, but gladly i got a new one directly from the store, i don't know how, don't ask !...

    The new console have the firmware 3.1E and I would like to put it whit the best config for running most of the games, USB Loader and HBC.
    I have a chip Wasaby DX that I had in the older console that I will install, what I would like to ask is what should i do to a virgin 3.1 console.

    I was thinking in doing the twilight hack and install the homebrew, possibly then the SaveMii and Preloader from there install the 3.2 and then put the cIOSs and IOSs. I was thining keeping myself in the 3.2 version, since I got a bad experience whit the 4.0, because all started from me wanted to play Guitar hero 5.

    What is the best way and easy way to update to the 3.2E, what should I install after that.. ???
    Can people give me some opinions, some good guides...

    Thank y very much for the atention

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    the first thing you should do is to invest some time and energy into learning how forums work, that way you might have been able to read the forum, find the section with the guides in and then find this thread:

    It would also have saved me typing all this and spraining my finger. Its the finger on my beer glass lifting hand, so im really p*ssed off now......

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