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Thread: Any USB HDD Info,, pretty please :)

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    Any USB HDD Info,, pretty please :)


    I am just wondering what is the best value usb hdd to get?

    I know western digital 500gb are good,, but i need some advice as i am going HDD Shopping on Sat,,

    so any pointers on what HDD i should look out for?

    any help would be great

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    There is a compatibility list, but overall experience across a number of Websites that involving hacking-the most reliable and trouble-free for the Wii is the Western Digital.

    One can get almost any decent HDD to work, even the Seagates can work (those can be very troublesome to install on a Wii) but the WD is reported to be easiest to set up.

    Now the choice is powered by an external Power supply or by the Wii. No hard data either way. My inclination is to avoid taxing the Wii as it was never meant to power a HDD through its USB port.

    When you plug in your drive, use the outermost USB port on the Wii-left or bottom port depending on how the Wii is positioned. Also, format the HDD using WBFS Manager from your PC, not via the Wii directly-that will avoid a possible PC recognition problem.

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