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Thread: Bootmii DSI error

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    Bootmii DSI error

    Hi all, I have managed to succesfully softmod my Wii by following the "New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii" guide, however I am still slightly confused with the Bootmii install process as boot2. I attempted to install Bootmii as boot2 but got a DSI exception - see attached. I reset the Wii and tried again and got the same thing, I then opted to install via IOS. When I boot my Wii almost instantly I get the Bootmii menu (which would suggest it is in fact installed succesfuly via boot2 - or this is how I understand it), would this suggest that bootmii is in fact installed via boot2 and the DSI error was just a red herring and I can ignore?
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    Check against this video. Take your SD out. If boot2 then it will flash like this.
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    Yes, I am getting the flashing light so it is installed via boot2, I still don't know why I got that error and if it has any ill effects, my Wii was virgin 4.1E before installing bootmii, as a sidenote a friend of mine on a virgin 3.4 also got the DSI exception error whilst installing bootmii, but like me bootmii is installed via boot2. Anyone else seen this?


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