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    idiot move

    well my wii was softmodded till last week. I did a format to the wii since i was going to sell it since i though it would erase everything which i did. since i didnt sell it, i put the homebrew back but installed ciOSCorp and didnt have a problem. but my lil brother decided to erase everything again and update it. now i cant even do the softmod for 4.2, it says something about a fake ios or no vulnarble IOS found. and it wont go farther. ive tried the lasted hackmii and still get the same message. is there something i could do other that the hackmii or theres nothing to do any more?

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    The first thing to do is smack your lil brother .

    Hope that helps

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    Thats a CIOSCorp FAIL.

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    yea thats it....m guessing theres nothing to do

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    Theres a guide a member put together that should help you restore the HBC.

    EDIT: Found it
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    thank you so much it worked again

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    Your welcome.


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