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Thread: Drivespin up issue d2pro9

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    Drivespin up issue d2pro9

    I installed my d2pro9 last summer and was able to play my backups fine for about a month.. I didn't do any official updates at the time because i needed to read up on them first. Well, after a couple months I started having drive issues and then i got frustrated and my wii collected dust for a year.

    Here i am now, no wii updates, but i did the 11/08 d2pro9 update last year. Still having drive spin up issues so bad i can't play most of my games and rarely the store bought games. I have to power down, and it will only attempt to spin if i give it a little slap on the outside of the box...this seems to work for zelda and sports, but not my backups. Does this mean something is loose, since it responds to a whack? But even that is temperamental, as in it will only do it once per boot, otherwise i have to do a full power down to repeat it.

    I see all sorts of different drive spin issues out there, but i have no clue as to what to do about this or even what to look for. I got a whole month of use out of my wii and it is such a headache -- what could i possibly do at this point? Could it be the "blown fuse" issue some have attributed to a bad solder job? Or something more directly related to the chip itself?

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    It gets to the point where all the jumping through hoops isn't worth the payoff. For a situation with fixes that require jumping through hoops to even jump through hoops to jump through even more hoops, I'm pretty content with just unloading my soon to be modless glorified gamecube on the hands of eBay. I'll even throw in a fresh 4.2 update, free of charge.

    Enjoy the future hoopjumping and occasional anti-climatic gameplay.


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    I felt compelled to sign up and reply to your post. I recently bought a wii and purchased a premodded drive with the d2pro9 v3 chip modded to it. I received the modded drive and installed it. After a i loaded a few games, the drive started not reading any disks i put in it. Whether they were originals or backup copies, the system would not read the disks.

    I opened the system up to watch what the wii was doing. The disk would shuffle to the right and left a little, and then would stop and i would get the disk error. With the case off, I rebooted it put a new disk and and flicked the disk while it was shuffling to the right and left. The game fired right up. Games continued to work through the rest of the night and into the next day without any intervention.

    The following weekend i started having problems again. I again took apart the system, flicked the disk while it was shuffling and bam... game time. I have been able to consistently load any game after it starts to error by flicking the disk.

    Luckily i purchased the modded drive from and support at the site said they could exchange my premodded drive and that the motor may be toast on the drive.

    I haven't seen too many people with issues like this, so i hope that its not a common problem. I too searched forum after forum with no avail to find a solution to the problem. While it might not be a great fix, if your ok with having the case off your wii, you might try to flick the disk to see if things work.

    Best of luck.

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    Thank you for taking the time to register and share your situation wonka. Glad to hear your console is up for exchange. From what you described I could imagine it being a very similar situation, since my drive would respond to a (light physical tap from the outside housing), though only at a specific point of bootup (otherwise I'd have to hard reset for it to respond to it. maybe something locks up at a certain point).

    Anyhow.. thank you for sharing your story.

    Best of luck to you too.


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