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Thread: Exception (DSI) Occurred / Homebrew Channel via Hackmii 0.5 Won't install

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    Exception (DSI) Occurred / Homebrew Channel via Hackmii 0.5 Won't install

    I've got my friend's wii which has had a mass amount of problems. First of all, it was having overhearing problems being in standby. To help, I did the standby fan mod so the fan blows while in standby. Well, a few months later, he started getting a message that his system files were corrupt. He then gave the wii to me to work on...

    The first thing I did was undo the fan mod to make sure something wasn't shorting out. Then I put a big fan on the wii while it was open to keep it cool and I starting trying to re-install IOS files to make sure something wasn't really corrupt. Now I can boot the Wii without a system files corrupt message, but I'm having these issues which I can't find a good fix for anywhere (and I've been working on/searching or 2 days now):

    Some notes - Customs IOS rev14 is installed and working. I can run homebrew, install WADs, etc etc. Also, the Homebrew channel had been installed on this Wii before but he deleted it off. I've patched the IOS 15 & 36 as well. I also have BootMii installed to the Boot2 area.

    First, both before and after I did all that above, when I try to install Homebrew Channel via Hackmii 0.5, it will tell me Error installing the title (-1110001022). then Failed (-111000122). And this is after it tells me at the first screen that it can be installed.

    I was able to get an earlier version of the Homebrew Channel installed via it's own installer and I could also install it via a WAD, but I can't find a WAD for the later versions.

    Second, I randomly get a "Exception (DSI) occurred!" and then a code dump after that when I load the Homebrew Channel or return to the Homebrew Channel. If I load the Homebrew Channel without the SD Card, then reload the SD card, it doesn't do it. And it doesn't do it the dump every time I load the Homebrew channel with the SD card already in it, but it does it most of the time.

    Third, when I load certain virtual console titles, like Genesis ones, the screen goes black, the Wii remote turns off and it just sits there. It did this before I started all this and after as well.

    Fourth, sometimes when I hit the Home key on the Wii remote in the Wii menu somewhere, it locks up the system.

    Fifth, I have had some random sound issues too, doesn't happen very often. Like when playing zelda, I heard a bunch of static for a few seconds then it went away.

    I don't know if this is all one big problem or several separate issues. One thing I've not been able to discern is this: Are the IOS files, when installed on the Wii, a collection of smaller files or one big file? I browsed my Wii file system with FS Browser and saw there were several files out there, not just a bunch of IOS files. So I'm wondering, could one of those other files have been corrupted, not necessarily an IOS file?

    Also, is there some way to wipe off the entire wii file system and install factory settings? The format option doesn't do this for you. Like, there's not a leaked Pink Fish disc or something that will let me reload everything from scratch?

    I really hope someone can help. I'm done screwing with it on my own, I've already wasted two days on this stupid thing. That times's worth a lot more than the $80 it would cost to send it to Nintendo. But if someone knows what's going on, that'd be really nice. I guess at least one good thing is I've been forced to understand what IOS's do, which ones do what and what exactly CIOS is.

    edit: Well, I spoke too soon, just saw the corrupt message again for the first time since I started all this.
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    Wow, seriously? So either nobody knows, this is a dumb post, or I posted in the wrong place.....Please, any help is greatly appreciated, even if only for one part of my problem!

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    There are many problems here I think its best to establish where you are and get a stable system before worrying about individual games.
    For people to help you they will expect you to know a little.
    Some questions.
    What system menu do you have.
    Have read any of the Guides.
    Forgetting game play is it just a Home brew issue.

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    LOL all that and I didn't even put the basic info. I am currently running system menu 4.1U. I made a NAND dump after I intalled BootMii but before I did anything else, then I did the 3.2 downgrade using this guide ( ). That didn't fix the problem, so I restored the NAND and then followed this guide (Hackjunkie's Blog SOFTMOD WII WITH 4.1U FIRMWARE) to soft mod it. Still had the same problems though.

    It's not really a homebrew or a game issue. I can run NES VC titles (at least, didn't test others), disc titles, channels, etc. I can also run other Homebrew, I haven't come across homebrew I could not run, just that the HBC wouldn't install on HackMii 0.5.

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    You say you are currently running 4.1U, then you did a downgrade to 3.2. Was currently a typo, you should be on 3.2 if you downgraded.
    Did you restore your nand using bootmii IOS, this is Ok if your files are not corrupted, not wise if your system is dead.
    HBC 0.5 is not really required unless you want 4.2 protection.
    Preloader and and bootmii do not link to this unless you update these aswell.
    I would suggest installing the previous version of HBC, or update bootmii, update preloader, update DVDx.

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    Sort of confusing, I made a NAND dump of my system at 4.1U, downgraded to 3.2, it didn't fix it, so I restored the 4.1U NAND dump to bring it back to 4.1u.

    My problem I want to fix is why I can unable to install the latest version.

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    Have you tried this install
    or the earlier version,
    HBC 1.0.1.wad

    To save confusion install the 1.0.1

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    Yeah, BootMii was the first thing I installed....I'll give this WAD a try, it should work since I have no problem installing wads.

    I guess what I really want to know is if some of my files really are corrupted. Why would my Genesis VC title go to a black screen and never start if not because it can't find the required files to execute? And why would my Homebrew Channel keep locking up with a DSI Exception at random times while working fine at other times when nothing changes with my SD card between runs?
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    Well, never mind, I already have HBC 1.01 installed. You don't happen to know where to find the WAD for 1.05 do you? I don't think it'll fix the DSI crash though.....I think I have 1.01 on my own Wii (not this one I'm working on) and it never has had this problem.

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    The link to bootmii in my previous post is the 1.05.

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