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Thread: How to extract original RARs (oRARs)

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    Question How to extract original RARs (oRARs)

    Source: [GC] Extracting Original Rars [oRARs]

    This guide will instruct you how to get an iso file from oRARs. Original rars are from a professional ripping group and are generally the highest quality image file you can get of a game.

    Firstly you will need a program that is compatible with rar files

    1. WinRAR WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files Free trial for 40 days. $29 for permanent license. What they don't want you to know is that the free trial never runs out

    2. PeaZip PeaZip download free RAR 7Z TAR ZIP extraction Another free open source program that can handle rars. But it can only do extractions. It cannot create new rars. It will also handle other compression/archive formats.


    1. Once you have downloaded all the files in the post, double click on the first rar file and extract the folder within by selecting "Extract to". Many of the games have multiple parts. You need to download ALL of the parts.
    Note: In the case of multi-part rars, you generally DO NOT need to extract the additional parts, as well, as the extraction pulls from all files.

    Choose the directory that you want to save the folder to, then press "OK"

    2. You should then have a new folder, the contents looking much like this

    Inside this folder are the original rars, an nfo file and most of the time an sfv file. I'll come back to those 2 files shortly.

    3. Double click on the first rar file in this folder then select "Extract to" again. This will give you your image file. The first rar file will have an extension of *.rar while the other rar files will have .r01, .r02, etc. Unless you tell Windows to show file extensions, it might be hard to distinguish which file is the first one. You can always select a file and do right-mouse click Properties to see the file extension.

    Note: Oftentimes the files contained within the rars will have an extension of .01 and onwards without a .rar file. In this case, simply double-click the .01 file and select WinRar or your applicable extraction program to extract the .ISO file within.

    Once you have your image, burn it and happy gaming.

    NFO & SFV Files

    Nfo files contain the information on the game released by the group that ripped the game. You can view this information by right clicking the nfo file and selecting "open with" then notepad.

    SFV files are used to check the integrity of the rar files. If any one of them is either missing or corrupted, you won't be able to extract your game file. I recommend using RapidCRC. You can get it HERE

    As you can see, all the rars in this folder are OK. If even one was missing or corrupt, you would have to then download that rar file again.


    Full credits for this guide go to the guys at ThePurpleCube.
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