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Thread: How to create a disc containing multiple GC games!

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    Thumbs up How to create a disc containing multiple GC games!

    Source: [WII] How to create a disc containing multiple gamecube games

    You will need:
    - A blank DVD: DVD-Rs are the easiest as you don't have to worry with changing the booktype of your drive, I will not cover booktype changing in this guide. DVD+Rs are fine to use if you know how to change the booktype to DVD-ROM. Dual layer discs will also work. RWs are supported as well, but again -RW is preferred over +RW.

    - A few gamecube disc images: in either .iso or .gcm format (these formats are the same anyways, just different extensions)
    Disc burning software: I prefer imgburn, though you may use Nero or whatever else floats your boat.

    - MultiGame ISO Creator v3.2.4F+(GUI-patman): More information about MultiGame ISO Creator can be found here: Main Page - WikiTemp

    With this guide you will use MultiGame ISO Creator to make a disc image, out of your gamecube disc images, that contains multiple games. You will then burn this image onto a disc and pop it in your wii (chipped or softmodded) and be able to choose which game you would like to play.

    Why do this? Putting a 1.35 gig game on a 4.3 gig disc wastes a lot of space. This wastes even more space if you consider the dummy data apparent on a lot of games (animal crossing is actually 14 megs.) This way you can have multiple games on 1 disc, saving space, and saving you from having to change the disc when you want to play another game.

    Making the Disc Image:
    1. Start up MultiGameISOCreator.exe:

    2. Choose your region from the drop down menu in the top right:

    3. Click the Add ISO button and select a game you wish to put on the compilation:

    Make sure your games are playable on the backup launcher if you are using it:
    Also make sure your games are playble on a multidisc.

    4. Repeat step 3 until all of the games you want on the disc have been selected.

    Tips for making your disc image as efficient as possible:
    1. In the bottom left hand corner it tells you how big your final image will be in bytes. Use this to make sure you don't make an image too big for the disc it will be going on.
    2. Checking the shrink box next to each game will remove the dummy data from it when it is placed on the multidisc. Make sure your game is compatible with this before doing so (also in the compatibility list.)

    5. After all the games have been added hit the Create MultiGame ISO button:

    As you can see here I have only chosen to shrink 1 game. It would be a lot more efficient if I could shrink four swords, as that game is around 250 megs, but the compatibility wiki says it is unplayable if shrunken. At the bottom it says my image will be 3,969,122,304 bytes. That leaves me around 300 megs of space to work with to add another game (im using a single layer disc for this) so instead of trying to find a game that will fit in there (or filling it with animal crossings) I'll just leave it as is.

    6. Next choose where to save your image:

    7. Then it displays a progress bar while you wait for your image to be done:

    There is a separate one for both the shrinking process and creating the multidisc. The disc made as an example for this tutorial took a couple minutes to process, couldn't have been more than 5. Results will vary depending on the speed of your computer. At the end you will be asked if you want to shrink the shrunken images (if you shrunk any), whether you do or not is up to you, I always choose to and it doesn't effect your original images.

    8. Burn it and you're done! If your wii is chipped just load the disc as normal, you will be created with a CGOS menu where you select your game. If your wii is using the backup loader just launch it like you would any gamecube game and use right and left on the d-pad to change game.


    All credits for this guide guide go to the guys at ThePurpleCube.
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    Nice one favs! I see you went on a rampage after the admins unlocked the forum

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    Damn right, I noticed that recently people have been posting questions about the GC side of Wii homebrew so I decided to submit this guide.

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    question about the "shrinking":

    I have a couple of Star Wars games that are included on the compatibility list but when I shrink them while creating the multi-game-iso I get a total iso size of 17MBs!
    to give it all a try (haven't tried GC games on my Wii yet) could I also not shrink the image files and then just get 3 games on a disc? is that the safe option as opposed to shrinking?
    also where are the banners from that you have on the left in your example? all my files have none.

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    That could be due to a bad ISO dump, shrinking is not necessary but can help if you want a few games on a disc.

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    the games already haved the shrunk size I found in the compatibility list after extracting them after DL.
    also some of the games had banners when I tried it first, but now they don't. what's that mean?

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    I'm not sure as I'm not the programs coder.

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    Nice now i can finally make my own Zelda Collection disc lol

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    Well Done. This will help a couple of people.

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    okay favs quick question. I haved burned two Multi Iso GC games. I can load the games on the wii and all, but I get a black screen when I load it through the disc channel (wiikey2). Its not frozen cause I can select the games even though the screen is black. Im using Nyko's 480p component cables and can't find my regular cables to test to see if its a cable problem. I did everything that I was suppose to. Oh and im using GCMUtility 0.5 instead of the one that you have posted. Should I try with the one that you have posted instead
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