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Thread: Can I install BootMii on boot2 with 4.2

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    Can I install BootMii on boot2 with 4.2

    I did this so I could reinstall Homebrew on the 4.2:
    No Vulnerable IOS found, fix tested on 2 consoles so far - Page 2

    That worked nicely, and that made my Homebrew be installed on 4.2.

    Then I followed this tut:
    Modify any Wii 4.2 & below -

    Now that worked nicely as well. So now my question is can I now install BootMii on boot2v4 on my 4.2 Wii, or is it still a no no?

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    as of system menu 4.2, BootMii cannot be installed on boot2 bcoz the bug has been patched... either you install it as a separate IOS or wait till a new exploit is found.

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