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Thread: My jap wii is semi-bricked... I've tried everything!!

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    Ca My jap wii is semi-bricked... I've tried everything!!

    Hi, I'm new of this forum and speak french, so my english is not perfect. But there goes my problem.

    I bought a Japanese wii last year. I don't know what chip is inside but I can play backup games. My wii is now semi-bricked since couple of weeks. I cannot access the setting, but I can still play games.

    I don't know what is my actual firmware version, but here is a list of the most recent games I've played.

    Metroid 3
    Wii Music
    Guitar Hero Metallica

    I've tried the "wii-system-menu-update-JAP-v288-repad.iso" and "wii-system-menu-update-JAP-v288.iso", but no result. I got black screen with jap text that I don't understand!

    I've tried the Twilight hack to install HBC and the Twilight hack file cannot be copy to wii.

    I've tried the "New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii" from this site, but when I put the SD card into the slot, nothing appears is SD tab.

    I really need help!

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    the easiest way to get your setting menu back is probably update firmware through the games from JAP region. Try monster hunter 3 JAP version. It should be 4.0 or 4.1. not sure. Anyway, dont update to 4.2 and u should be fine.

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    It's unbricked!!

    I did it!! I put the Forever Blue 2 jpn disk and it updates to 4.1J. I can access my setting page!!

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