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Thread: Soft modding new Wii (LH 25....) 4.2

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    Question Soft modding new Wii (LH 25....) 4.2

    Hi all!

    I'm new here and on the wii modding scene; in the last 3 days I surfed a lot in saerch of a clear answer to my questions about my brand new wii. Please forgive me if my doubt seems silly but I'm a little bit confused. So, starting from the beginnig, I bought a Wii about a week ago I suppose it's a very new model (S/N LH25......., the one that ships with the rubben case for the wiimote).

    I managed to install the Homebrew Channel and BootMii as an IOS.

    Now the questions:
    - can I run backup games from USB on this new Wii?
    - is there a "bulletproof" method to hack the Wii to run backup games from USB on this new Wii?

    I tried various way to perform this hack, including trying to install cIOS without any result.

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    <Sarcasm to be added later, im too tired to take the piss>

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    Quote Originally Posted by davepm View Post

    <Sarcasm to be added later, im too tired to take the piss>
    thanks davepm, I have already seen and read this guide. I had two doubt on that:
    - not sure this guide apply on the new Wii model
    - not sure it is so "safe" (somewhere i read of bricked systems)

    I understand your sarcasm but please understand my total lack of knowledge on "wii" matter.

    thanks again

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    This worked for me:
    [Guide] Amarokz Softmod Wii 4.2 Guide v1.0 -

    all my installs had to be done by running cboot2 first.

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    hey morgan, wrt your two doubts:
    - yes it applies to all models just make sure you follow the instructions closely
    - there is no 100% safe mods out there, it's a risk you'll have to take if you wanna mod.

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    thank you all for your replies!

    davepm rules!

    Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!!! - Page 70

    tha guide worked for me!

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