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Thread: Problem with Lan Adapter Wii

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    Problem with Lan Adapter Wii

    Hello everyone, sorry if I'm opening a topic that may already exist, unfortunately I'm Italian and I do not understand English well. My problem is this. I have a Wii with 4.2e menu system, I have successfully installed the HBC and NeoGamma Loader R7 using IOS249 (REV14), the only problem I ever had is that I can not use the LAN adapter to play online with example with Mario Kart Wii. In practice the error is always the same, namely that it can not connect to the internet. I tried various solutions but I've found. I trust in you, you are my last hope (Then buy a modem wi-fi lol). If you know a way, a homebrew, any thing to do to make the LAN adapter, I'd be grateful if you could guide me to the functioning. Thank you and sorry English but I am using a translator. Thanks again.

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    what lan adaptor do u have?

    have you 1st tried to use the lan adaptor on say your pc or your notebook...and its ok?

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    Have you set up an internet connection in Wii settings? If not, go into you Wii settings, find the button that says Internet and select it. Then you will be presented with 3 selections, select one of them and set the connection to wired. Just follow the on screen prompts and you should be all set.

    That translator you are using works well.

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    Hello everyone and thanks again for the answers, I explain. My connection to the LAN adapter is configured properly, partly because I can connect with the Forecast Channel, the news channel and the Internet Channel without problems. Not managed to use the WFC in games such as Mario Kart Wii. The same gives me the error that fails to connect. Going a bit around the forums I have discovered (maybe I'll even wrong) that in practice in which even the new CIOS 249 (REV14) Nintendo Wii's USB ports are used exclusively to connect the external hard drive and not for other hardware such as Guitar Hero guitar, Lan Adapter, Microphone Wii, etc ... Now I would understand if there is a reason to play online using my backup copies of enjoying in the configuration CIOS249 (REV14) + menu system 4.2E + Lan Adapter + Mario Kart Wii. If this configuration is impossible to play online using the LAN Adapter, please show me one that works well. Thanks again for everything!

    P.S. The LAN adapter that I use is as follows:
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    Nobody can help me for solve my problem? I have tried all ways, hope someone of you knows help me arranging this cursed Lan Adapter.

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    What error code are you getting, have you checked at the Nintendo website, just look up your error code there, it may help. LOOK HERE
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    Thanks for your response, that gives me the error when trying to connect via WFC Mario Kart is the following:


    Unable to connect to the Internet. Check the settings on the Wii console's Internet connection

    Going on the Nintendo site and writing this code, the result is

    Error Code: 51420

    The Wii console is Not able to connect to your wired router or modem.

    1. If your connection worked previously, check to see if there is a Wii System Update that you have not aquired. To get the latest Wii System Update:
    1. From the Wii's main menu, select the Wii icon along the bottom left of the screen.
    2. Select "Wii Settings".
    3. Click the left arrow to get to Wii System Settings 3
    4. Choose "Wii System Update"
    5. Choose "Yes" to connect to the internet and perform a Wii system update.

    2. Make sure that you are using the Wii LAN Adapter made by Nintendo (click here for a picture and connection steps). LAN adapters not made by Nintendo likely will not work with the Wii console.

    3. Check to make sure you are not running the Wii LAN Adapter from a USB hub (a device that connects multiple USB products through a single device), as this will likely not work. Connect the USB connector directly to the modem or router.

    4. Ensure that the Wii LAN Adapter setup is correct, and that the Wii LAN Adapter was connected with the console turned off. For step by step connection instructions, please click here.

    5. Check to see if the ethernet cable you are using is not working properly, by connecting another ethernet cable from your router / modem to the Wii LAN Adapter. If the connection works using a different cable, then the problem was with the first cable.

    6. If possible, try another Wii LAN Adapter. If you are unable to try another Wii LAN Adapter, or are still receiving this error code, please call 1-800-255-3700 for assistance.

    Oh, almost forgot, not to open another topic to avoid confusion and tell you that I also happen very often that I play Mario Kart Wii controls do not respond as if there were more Wiimote and Nunchuck, but the game does not blocks because the karts are still running too, the strange thing is that the Wiimote is the little light turned blue as if to understand that it is connected to the Wii but in reality it is not at all. That happens even with Mario Galaxy, within the menu to load game data and locks directly to the game in that case and the Wiimote starts to vibrate all the time that the console is on, then I have to power cycle the console. You tell me why all this? the two events could be linked together (I mean the problem of the Lan Adapter and this problem of "blocking"), however with some games, see Naruto Clash of ninja or Leegend Of Zelda that does not happen. Thanks again for any replies.

    P.S. right now it is stuck playing Mario Kart with the words Connecting to Nintendo WFC in progress .... with the land that runs behind, really is not all stationary, there is little music and the earth turns, as if the game works.

    P.S.2 ATTENTION Backup Loader NeoGamma I use in my games but I start using DVD and not via external HDD, I would not want the error was this.

    P.S.3 Please note that the Weather Channel and News of the Nintendo Wii work perfectly.

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    You have no idea about my problem? Help me please.

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    I have a LAN adaptor, but used that before I purchased a wireless router, only used it for installing the cIOS. I know sometimes the ethernet wire would not seat properly in the LAN adaptor, the adaptor I have looks like the one you have, but made by datel.

    Are you using the ethernet cable that came with the LAN adaptor? Get a good quality cable to run from your Wii to your router, I took one look at the one that came with my LAN adaptor and tossed that thing in the trash.

    Datel LAN adaptor
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    Same problem here.

    Same problem here. Internet works perfectly fine for wii shop, homebrew browser and for example internet multiplay on Tiger Woods PGA10, however Mario Kart denies multiplay with the aforementioned error code 51420.

    Setup is similar as the OP's with a Wii menu 4.2E, wired internet with a cios38rev14 in slot 249. Using Neogamma7. Basically I followed messie's brilliant tutorial to the letter and aside from this small problem with mario kart multiplay, backups and homebrews work nicely.


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