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Thread: Preloader Bootmii HBC, whch version

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    Preloader Bootmii HBC, which version

    Since the update to 4.2 came out there has been a lot of confusion as to what versions of Preloader HBC and bootmii to use.
    There are some great guides on how to overcome problems with 4.2 updates or virgin 4.2's. I shall not try and add to them.
    The reason I investigated these features was to prevent me either being updated to 4.2 or to recover if I did.

    Firstly when going to the shop channel it was unusable, and it also asked you to update. Installing the latest wad cured this.

    The next thing was to try and protect myself from an inadvertant update.
    I think I have done that as far as I can tell, here is what I've done.

    Updated HBC channel. This stops 4.2 removing it.
    I then updated bootmii, and DVDx.
    There is a modded Preloader 0.29 unofficial, only change is HAXX changed to JODI. Here is the link Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire

    I have tested these functions on my 3.2E

    Preloader will link to new HBC
    new bootmii will link to new HBC
    MPlayer CE 0.75 is working from USB, and Movie DVD
    USB Loader GX now links to new and old HBC. r762

    An official update to Preloader would be great, but this will do for now.

    There is another thing you could do, and that is leave your system alone, old preloader, old bootmii, old HBC, it will work fine, for now.

    Sometimes its best to leave well alone, but where's the fun in that.
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    ya thats about what ive been reading too.updating the new dvdx will break mplayer compatibility right now wouldnt it?

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    I checked my Mplayer CE 0.75 from USB that works fine. I'll add that to my post, thanks.


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