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Thread: should my wii be connectedto the net ?

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    should my wii be connectedto the net ?

    hi am new to the forum just wondered i have a modded wii with d2ckey chip and 3.1 firmware , i run brick blocker on all my games should i have the wii connected to the internet is that safe ? ano its probably a daft question am just scared a brick my wii, everything seems fine tho i did have 1 black screen when i put a backed up game in and had to pull the power and put wii sports in then a screen sayin cant read the disc then then tryed again and it all went ok then got a screen sayin an error had occured and to turn off the power and look up the manual so restated and its working ok all the games are working fine any ideas

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    There is no problem, but turn of wiiconnect24 in standby mode becaue if causes heat problems!

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    so do u only connect wii 24 when u want to use it ? or can it be connected all the time n not in standby mode ?

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    Turn on wiiconnect24 and place the wii horizontal for a while. You ll notice it gets really warm on the bottom! This destroyed the graphic chip of 1st gen wii systems and some people think it might destroy the modchips too. This is still just a theorey, but some people have problems with their chips and this could be the reason.

    So just make sure the light is RED and not ORANGE when you turn off your wii and you ll be fine.


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