Hello, I have this problem.
Yesterday, in the morning, I was playing Rune Factory Frontier with no problems, and my brother then played Guilty Gear Accent Core without problems.

Later that day, my brother turned on the Wii, but it didn't read the disk [Guilty Gear], so I put on RFF and it didn't read it either. My brother said that it makes the same sound our old Wii did when trying to reading disk. [Our old Wii was cursed with the DRE when SSBB came out]

So, today, I though the problem would be solved, but no... My Wii just stopped reading burned disks :/ [I am glad that it reads original disks, though]

So... any idea what's the problem?
Dirty Lens? Needs a little repair? It has a mind now?

My Wii is version 3.3U and I have Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma.