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Thread: full brick ,black screen ,please help :(

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    full brick ,black screen ,please help :(


    I am having 2 wii's (1st mine and 2nd of my cousin) , both wii's are dead ,I have read many threads but couldnt find my route so it would be great if sum1 could assint me

    1st wii ) black screen after pressing A , when i put savemii I can see 3.3(usa) ,dont know what to do , its a korean wii originally modified to american version

    2nd wii ) edited

    I Woud be really thankful if u could help me with this .

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    just to add to the main post...

    just to add , both the wii's doesnt have bootmii ,preloader or anything else ,and both the wii's are softmodded through bannerbomb.

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    Wii 1) Banner brick. i.e. Brick caused by a bad wad channel being installed. You will need to follow the banner brick tutorial. i.e. Gamecube controller to do savemiifrii, modchip to load autobooting universal unbrick disc or similar.

    Wii 2) 003 error is currently unsolveable. Gamecube/savemii/savemiifrii trick works but there is no way to downgrade from 4.2 currently. This may change, or may never change.
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    wii 3.4usa back to life but same wii 3.3usa still dead :(

    Alright first of all kudos to all the helpers here , I have 2 wii's ,both korean to usa :

    1st) wii 3.4usa , it has been recovered using the banner brick tutorial , thank you so much but,,

    2nd )wii 3.3usa , it is still stuck , i mean the savemiifree trick worked but when i put the revoccery disk which worked in the first wii I cant get any menu ,Could ne1 help me with this ,

    thanks once again ,

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    hi rahul,
    i have same problem as it was with your 1st wii please help me to reply full step.

    thanks in advance.


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