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Thread: My games are dark and lagging

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    Unhappy My games are dark and lagging

    I'm using the newest Drivekey that I purchased from the following link:

    DriveKey Wii Mod Chip For Epoxy D2E & D3 :: Buy Wii DriveKey

    Everything works fine. Unfortunately, my games occasionally get lag spikes that I try to ignore, but it just gets to me when I play FPS. Other than that, I notice that my games are running abnormally darker than they should be. I have a hard time playing Call of Duty and House of Dead and Resident evil and the Pokemons on the Pokemon games are shades darker, so I have like a reddish charmeleon instead of an orange one. I'm using ImgBurn to burn the ISOs onto 4.7 Sony DVD+R discs at 1x speed, but the program would say something like "Write speed mismatch" and write it at 4x speed or something like that. I will try to provide further information if needed. Please help me.

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    It is a known issue with DriveKey (and other drive chips) that in some games the intro video is stuttering (and in a couple of them, the audio is stuttering as well during the intro sequence). These games include SSBB and WarioWare: Smooth Moves.

    However, I have also seen a similar issue during gameplay in a couple of games, namely LEGO Star Wars and Resident Evil. I don't know about the game, you mention.

    The lag is caused by the very method used in the drive chips, where all data read from the disc drive is passing through the drive chip.

    With regard to the error message you get when you try to burn at 1x speed, this is most likely because the type of media in question only supports 4x speed (and probably 8x, 16x, 32x etc. speeds). This is the case with most new types of media. However, this should not be a problem - unlike what some users have reported, the games work just fine if they are burned at 4x speed.

    You say that you use Sony DVD+R discs. This may work, but only if you set the booktype to DVD-ROM (more info can be found at the official DriveKey homepage about this). If you want to be on the safe side, you should use DVD-R media, and preferably Verbatim DVD-R.

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    Thank you very much for your help. You answered all my questions. Thanks to the tip, too! I will make sure I get myself some Verbatim DVD-R!

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    Well, I didn't address the issue you are having with dark games. I have never heard about this before, but perhaps it is a PAL/NTSC thing with your TV. (Like if I play an NTSC DVD movieon my PAL TV, my TV display the colours a bit differently than with PAL movies. There is a special setting for this on my TV)

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    Oh, I thought using DVD-R from Verbatim may help fix some things. Does it have to be Verbatim? Is Memorex okay? Also, how would you know if your TV is PAL or NTSC? The original Wii games I use to play like Brawl and Twilight Princess were fine. I don't know.. Sorry for the many questions. I really appreciate your help.

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    hey mate ive had a couple of glitches with house of the dead but have read around that was a issue in the original game too. I reccomend using a well known brand i use verbatim dvd-r i havnt had a problem with them as with ya tv there should be a option in ya tv menu or picture menu where you can change the tv settings to play PAL or NTSC and also are you running anything else on ya tv at the same time if i turn my surround sound on my tv slightly darkens could be something like that.


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