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Thread: Fix the Guitar Hero 3 Freeze Issue.

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    Fix the Guitar Hero 3 Freeze Issue.

    This isn't a tutorial because it's not a big issue, nor very long but i put it here
    because I didn't see another place. More like a snippet of help.

    This is for people that are trying to run Guitar Hero 3 off of a USB Loader.
    The game starts, your so happy it finally worked, you make your save file on
    the wii then play! No issues...yet. You come back tomorrow morning, START
    IT UP AND :O it freezes on the menu.....and you say "$*%^ing @&#$* NOT

    Easy fix.
    1. Start the game.
    2. Okay this is key, watch all the intro videos!

    That's it, done! WHY?! you ask.

    The problem is because when you get to the menu it isn't done loading yet.
    THAT'S ALL! No complicated download, not a long tut, I don't really care if
    you flame. It's most likely because your using a small HDD such as a flash
    stick. I used to use a 16 GB and it does make a difference compared to the
    big 100+GB HDD's. Don't thank me it's really too small of a tut to be of any

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    hey there. don't know where to ask this Q of mine. I softmod my wii i have guitar hero 3 and 5 on CFGusb loader. now i am planning to buy a drum kit because i'm a frustrated drummer. My Q is does the drum itself will work on the game without the mic and the guitar instruments??? please answer me because somebody might buy the drum kit before me. i don't want that to happen because its the 2nd time i saw it on a store for 6 months. please TIA


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